About OCLS

OCLS provides professional engine oil analysis and diesel fuel filtration solutions, for oil condition monitoring and engineering related issues requiring lubricant analysis.

Industries and Manufacturers

Construction Plant - Komatsu, Terex, Caterpillar, Hitachi, JCB, Volvo

Mining Equipment - Joy, Eickhoff, DBT, Dosco, Voest-Alpine, Eimco

DMU's and Locos - Engines, Hydraulic oil analysis and Fluid Power Systems, Gearboxes, Transformer oil analysis.

Marine Equipment - Diesel engine oil analysis, Hydraulics, Analysis of oils for Gearbox lubrication, Bunker fuels & MDO testing

Oil and diesel fuel analysis by Oil Check

OCLS are a modern lubricant analysis and diesel fuel testing laboratory, based in South Yorkshire, Doncaster [Directions]. We are proud of our independent status and are staffed by experienced technicians, who can be relied upon for unbiased and an informative prognosis of all oils, diesel fuels and lubricants.

The lab operates to both ISO9001:2000 and BS EN ISO14001:2004 standards and meets all manufacturer/warranty/maintenance requirements.

Our Aims

To ensure analytical equipment remains cutting edge and to operate a continuous training programme for staff so that we may continue to deliver a reliable and cost effective oil analysis service.

Oil Check believes that ongoing improvement is the only way to ensure the best customer service is provided at all times. We will continue to interact with the customer, resulting in free exchange of information enabling them to derive maximum benefit from our oil testing services.

Our Mission

To continue to provide a personal service as we grow and expand and to remain customer driven.