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Fuel Polishing Overview

Diesel fuel filtration or fuel polishing

Diesel fuel filtration or polishing is necessary for the removal of contaminants such as water, fungus and microbes which often develop into thick sludge.

Stored diesel fuel will deteriorate over time and in several different ways. The most common is through water contamination (condensation). This is where water molecules can infiltrate the fuel molecules. Water then displaces the diesel fuel inside the diesel engine, increasing wear because of the lubrication's absence.

The infiltration of water encourages bacterial growth within the diesel fuel causing fine sediments and bacterial residues to form, these may eventually sink to the bottom of the tank resulting in filter blockage, fuel pump wear, diesel engine damage or engine shut down.

Water is the worst form of fuel contamination.

Diesel fuel with bacteria and Water Contamination

Diesel fuel filtration solutions

Oil Check offers two testing solutions for fuel filtration. Either our engineers will visit your company and take the necessary steps using one of our mobile systems to cycle your fuel, removing any contaminated water, biomass or bacterial growth and returning the fuel to a re conditioned or optimised state.

... Or the company can purchase a fuel polishing kit and carry out the work themselves. OCLS can provide two types of kits, either a mobile system which can be moved from site to site or a permanent fixed installation next to the tank itself.

Since no one can predict a breakdown, OCLS recommends that you polish your diesel fuel periodically to keep it in optimum condition. The only safe method is preventation.

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