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OCLS free Software

The latest version of Oil Check's free software is available to download (Version v5.30).

Software Version v5.30 (4.41MB)


OCLS Questionnaire

Have you used oil analysis in the past? Are you currently enrolled in an oil analysis programme? If so, we would be grateful if you could take a minute or so to fill in our questionnaire.

Questionnaire (80.2.KB)


OCLS Oil Sample Report

View a sample oil report in .pdf format (This requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can also download (below).

Sample Oil Report (98.8 KB)


Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 

Use this programme to view our oil analysis reports and software instructions. This link opens in a new window.

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Version 9.0. 33.5MB


Large OCLS Sampling Tickets

Print off as many as you need. There is one ticket per page.

Large Sampling ticket in PDF format (38.5KB)


CASE STUDY: "5101-173Cat Regen Compressor HMD Plant"

Case-Study: Oil analysis testing of the Cat Regen Compressor from a working condition to monitoring its failure.

Case Study (6.98MB)  


Small Oil Sample Tickets

Print off as many as required.

Small Sampling tickets in PDF


OCLS Report Key 

A list of different items you will find on your oil reports. You may see all or only some of the items depending on the type of oil test sample provided.

Report Key

10. Coolant Sample Tickets  Print off as many as required. Coolant Sample Tickets
11.  Fuel Sample Tickets   Print off as many as required. Fuel Sample Tickets  
 12.  Sample Tickets (Rear)
 After printing off you sample tickets from items 8, 10 and 11 above, print this on the rear before cutting them into individual tickets. RearTickets.pdf